Technologies for highly reproducible OLED and QLED characteristics

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報告題目:Technologies for highly reproducible OLED and QLED characteristics
  報告人:Kentaro Harada(原田健太郎)教授,(Kyushu University,日本九州大學)
  Recent advances in organic and organic/inorganic hybrid electronics are greatly owing to collaborative works on materials design, process development and device characterization, for which strong connections between the interdisciplinary fields are indispensable. At i3-opera, we strive to develop novel methodologies for OLED fabrication and evaluation in collaboration with university and industry. We have been intensely investigating the influence of impurities on OLED lifetime by combining our unique technique with various physical/chemical analyses. We have also invented an induction heating evaporator system, which enables an ultrafast response to the input power and is a promising candidate for future OLED fabrication tool. Besides, we have recently established a platform for reliable QLED evaluation by utilizing an inverted device architecture and by controlling the quality of the underlying ZnO layer. I show in this talk that all the achievements at i3-opera are based on the efforts to ensure the reproducibility of the device performances, which are of crucial importance for practical realization of the organic and organic/inorganic applications.
  Professor Kentaro Harada, program director of Fukuoka i3-Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (OPERA), Kyushu University, received his PhD from Technische Universit?t Dresden, Germany. After post doc position in Institut für Angewandte Photophysik,TU-Dresden, Germanyand Kyushu University, Prof. Haradabecame akey technical account manager: Universal Display Corporation Japan G.K, and Department Manager, Technical Marketing: AIXTRON K.K. before joining Fukuoka i3-Center. Prof. Harada is managing the Fukuoka i3 working on commercialization on organic photonics and electronics, collaborated with local companies and international corporations.