Expanding light-emitting devices from organic to organic/inorganic hybrid perovskite materials

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報告人:Chihaya Adachi(安達千波矢)教授,(Kyushu University,日本九州大學)
  For the last 30 years, extensive OLEDs research and development has been conducted. Particularly, the innovation of new classes of organic light emitting materials such as room-temperature phosphorescence and thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) realized nearly 100% electron into photon conversion. Further, we recently reported the indication of organic semiconductor laser diodes (OSLDs) under electrical pumping, that will open up a new era of organic optoelectronics. Simultaneously, organic/inorganic hybrid perovskites have been confirmed to possess a quite high potential for various application such as solar cells, FET, LED and laserapplications. In my talk, I will compare the characteristics of these devices and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both materials and outlook their future prospect.
  Professor Chihaya Adachi, director of the OPERA(Centre of Organic Photonics and Electronics Research), Kyushu University, is an internationally renowned organic chemist and materials chemist, one of the pioneers working on organic electronics. Prof. Adachi has mainly focused on the likes of organic photonics and electronics, organic semiconductor physics and organic laser physical chemistry. He has achieved great success in conducting original research on organic TADF materials and devices, alongside long persistence organic phosphors at the international level. Prof. Adachi has published 510 papers in total, over 250 in the past 5 years in top journals such as Nature, Nature Photonics, Nature Materials, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Advanced Function Functional Materials, Advanced Optical Materials, JACS, notably one published in Nature this year on using perovskite as the carrier transport layer for OLED. His papers have been cited over 32000 times, with an H index of 82.
  Professor Adachi has won many international awards including Thomson Reuters Research Front Award in 2016, and Nishina Memorial Prize in 2017. Prof. Adachi is a Fellow of SID and The Japan Society of Applied Physics, and member of MRS and IEEE. Prof. Adachi is the editor of journal of Organic Electronics.




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